Suicide: It's a Real Issue!

Fake it till you make it"

I've heard that so many times growing up, I actually believe in it as well. The problem is we need to realize who we need to be faking it to and who we need to be honest with. First and foremost you need to be honest with yourself. The topic of suicide is never a good one and no one ever likes talking about it because we all know that one person.

I've read that over 8,000,000 people have thoughts of suicide a year, 1,000,000 attempt it, and 39,000 succeed. That's crazy!!! twice the number of homicides each year! Among those that do it are high level executives or entrepreneurs that are overwhelmed and stressed with their jobs.

Being an entrepreneur is probably one of the single most stressful things in life. The even crazy part about it is we all know it going into that it’s not going to be easy no matter what we tell ourselves. We have a game plan, we have the capital, we have the support, hell some of you may actually have the mental mindset…..Until you don’t! The fact is we can’t control everything and in business world especially nothing ever goes as planned. Whether it’s the customer paying on time, the wire transfer that’s a week late, and let’s not even talk about the employees that just don’t understand you or see your vision of what you are trying o accomplish!

The nice part is there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are people out there that want to help, want to hear your problems, want to help solve your issues. I’m one those people! ( 24/7 call me 717-756-5481 or call the actual prevention line 1-800-273-8255)

I don’t want to saying being depressed is natural but at the same time we all have had days and stressful days at that. I’ve gone through the struggles of owning a business and even closing that business. I was so depressed that I had thoughts of suicide. I got to a point though that I was either going to let that define who I was or I was going to let it be a chapter in my life to look back and reflect on and learn from it. I even got a tattoo on my wrist “My story; isn’t over” (for those that don’t know the semicolon is a tattoo for suicide prevention or those that have gone though it).

Depression is real, suicide is real, talking about it with someone is real as well and it helps.

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