2020 is My YEAR!!

2020 this was my year! This was the year it all came together. New job, fresh start, leaving 2019 and a

ll things toxic behind, this was my year! Finally I got somewhere with my custody of my kids, this was my year.

I’m 34, a year ago I was homeless, I didn’t have a job, I went to the gym twice a day just for a place to showe

r. I was living in an open barn with a roof. Today I have an apartment, I have a job that I can do from home, I’m not checking my bank account everyday to see if I can eat. A year can change a lot, maybe this was my year.

3 months in I started to question that statement.... was this my year?

People losing jobs, businesses closing, schools canceled, sports from professional, collegiate, high school, and even youth all canceled. This was not my year....

People dying, people required to stay home, that Friday night drink with the friends not happening, that weekend get away canceled. Life as I know it has changed, this was not my year.

Deep breath, what is happening? Why? This was my year!! I’m finally on track and now all this!

After a few days you start to reflect on past years of how good things were, you think about after all this going out and seeing your friends, family, favorite bartenders. You realize that all that time you said you didn’t have to learn that new skill you suddenly have. You realize that this is temporary and that like most things you will get through this. Another deep breath, you’re not in this alone. We’re all dealing with this, the rich, middle class, and the poor. It effects all of us, this was not my year, this was nobody’s year.....

Maybe this was my year, to realize the things I do have and that things change, the world around you changes and you learn to adapt. Maybe this is your year to be thankful, to learn, to take control and realize that your life can change quickly by things you’re not in control over.

This might not be my year, but this is my life. I am thankful for all, the good, the bad, and even the unexpected.

We adapt and over

come, we rise above these daunting times, this might not be your year, but this year is just such a small part of your life. Might be an impact full part but just a small part in the scheme of things.

God Bless,


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