The First Step

Taking the first step to anything is always the scariest, but it's always the most necessary one to continue. We live in a world that overall does not want to see other succeed in what they do or even who they are. It's actually quite sad that the people you surround yourself with most are usually the ones that tell you how hard it's going to be or that it's a bad idea. The reality of it is they are just jealous that either one they're afraid to take the risk or that they didn't think of the idea. Whatever you are trying to do whether it's start a new business, change jobs, or even just better yourself, your damn right it's going to be hard. It's probably going to be one of the hardest things you've ever done and you need to make sure you are ready mentally for that journey.

You need to prepare yourself to be challenged everyday with the thought of did you make the right decision? The fact is that most people give up do to fear or someone talking them out of it. Those naysayers are the same ones that complain about their lives and wish they could make the decision to change their situation. Every single person has a challenge or situation in front of them and each one of us have to make decisions on them and after each decision comes another decision. That's what life is a series of decisions. You'll make bad ones....that's called learning and the only way to learn is to sometimes make bad decisions. The key to it is trying not to continuing making bad decisions and learn from them.

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