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About Shepherds Consulting

For a number of years I have felt a desire to pass on the information I have from my experience and knowledge to see other people and companies grow and succeed. 


Our goal at Shepherds is to empower you to lead your company in a direction for success, to be proud of, and for others to want to follow. We want to increase your productivity, your sales and your bottom line, while simultaneously decreasing your workload, reducing your stress and frustrations and being a "one-stop-shop" for all of your CPG solutions. We are here to provide advice, guidance, suggestions, solutions, make connections, open doors. We have a network of both vendors and buyers ready to add you into. 

I am a fourth-generation entrepreneur. I spent my childhood evenings and weekends working in the family businesses earning my "swequity." I grew up discussing business with my family every day. The saying "the only constant in life is change" certainly applies in business, and more than ever before in the Post-Covid landscape we have seen of constantly rising expenses, raw materials costs and shortages and inflation. 

Understanding your business and your industry is one of the keys to success. I have learned an enormous amount and made a vast rolodex of connections working the last _years in the food, beverage, transportation and logistics industries.  I have experience on all sides of the CPG industry including but not limited to direct to consumer and ecommerce sales, wholesale, vendor management, transportation and logistics, warehouse management, directing entire teams. 

Mentorship. It is how we as humans learn and grow. We take what others have done and expand upon it. We do not repeat the same mistakes. We enhance the successes. Often when in the weeds it is hard to come up for air. Often when so invested and involved in our own company it is hard to see things objectively. Having an experienced mind who has been there, has the knowledge, knows what works and what fails, and has the rolodex to open doors, not to mention is a great sounding board is invaluable. We are here to do that for you.


Reach out to Shepherds today and let us know how we can help lead you and guide you to success!

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