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Over the last several years I've felt a calling to help lead others and to help them grow both personally and professionally. I have a love for both business and God. Our goal at Shepherds is to help you lead your home and company in a way that others will follow. As a business and life coach we want to help you find freedom and reward in your everyday life. 

As a fourth generation entrepreneur I have grown up in the business world. The only thing that has stayed the same throughout most of it is that it is forever changing everyday. Learning your business is the key to success and to never stop growing. Working in the the Food, Beverage, Transportation, and Logistics Industries I have learned a lot but continuing to learn every day has allowed me to help others. 

When I started my first business I wish I would have had the coaching and consulting that I'm offering to others now. Whether it's a new idea or something you've been doing for years sometimes getting an outside perspective helps. Sometimes just talking out loud about ideas and concerns helps put things in perspective.

Reach out to Shepherds today and let us know how we can help lead you and guide you to success!

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